Coffee | All Consumed Episode 1 | #TCTalks Episode 12

All Consumed
All Consumed
Coffee | All Consumed Episode 1 | #TCTalks Episode 12

For this episode of tikichris Talks I’d like to share the first episode of another podcast I’ve been working on. It’s called All Consumed. It’s about food, drink and travel and is a collaborative effort between fellow writer Neil Davey and me.

Our initial foray is about coffee and features the following:

  • An interview with Marco Arrigo, co-owner of Bar Termini and Head of Quality of illy Coffee in the UK;
  • A chat with Boris Becker and Kim Mahony Hargreaves, co-owners of Boki, and their drinksmith Matthias Lataille; and
  • A caffeinated and somewhat boozy conversation with Stroo Olofsso of Blade Soho.

Listen now:

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