Copper Rivet Distillery | #TCTalks 61

All Consumed
All Consumed
Copper Rivet Distillery | #TCTalks 61


Episode 61 of tikichris Talks is set on the shore of the Medway River at the Copper Rivet Distillery in Chatham, Kent.

During my visit, I taste my way through the Copper Rivet core range of spirits (Vela Vodka, Dockyard Gin, Son of a Gun English Grain Spirit) as well as a few limited run products and even a couple of sneaky samples of what is to be Masthouse Whisky (to launched in 2020).

Between sips I speak with Copper Rivet cofounder Stephen Russell and the distillery’s Head Distiller Abhi Banik about what makes Copper Rivet drinks truly unique and decidedly Kentish in character.

Listen now:

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