Urban: Wellness That Comes to You | #TCTalks 62

All Consumed
All Consumed
Urban: Wellness That Comes to You | #TCTalks 62

Urban: Wellness That Comes to You | #TCTalks 62

Here’s the most relaxed and relaxing episode of tikichris Talks yet – and one that’ll save you money doing something that makes you feel great.

It’s all about Urban, the app and web-based way for you to book wellness treatments – such as massage, manicures and pedicures, facials and osteo services – and have them delivered to your door and provided by trained practitioners in your own home, office or hotel room.

In this short episode I describe two of Urban’s services I recently booked: Osteopathy Consultation & Treatment and Thai Massage (with Oil) while explaining how wonderful it was to enjoy these in the privacy and convenience of my own home.

I also share a special promo code available only to listeners of the pod worth 15% off your first Urban treatment as a new customer.

Urban is this podcast’s first sponsor! I’m really grateful to have their backing and for taking a chance with tikichris Talks. So do yourself and me a favour and book your discounted wellness session today.

Listen now:

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