All Consumed: May 2022

All Consumed
All Consumed
All Consumed: May 2022

All Consumed is back (finally) with an episode about a few exceptionally nice things Neil and Chris have come across and thought were worth sharing with you. 

Part of this episode was recorded during brunch at Plaquemine Lock, “an English pub set on the Regents Canal in Angel, Islington” that serves Louisiana and southern style dishes. During the meal, the duo chat about some food and travel highlights.

Neil raves about experiencing a Hummer on the beach in San Luis Obispo, California while Chris looks forward to an upcoming visit to Austin, Texas. Both had fun on separate excursions to West Sussex. There’s even talk of a visit to a wine cellar once used by Henry VIII that’s now buried beneath the Ministry of Defence Main Building in Whitehall.

The show concludes with thoughts about their brunch at Plaquemine Lock as well as a subsequent meal at Chef Chantelle Nicholson’s fabulous new restaurant in Mayfair, Apricity.

Show notes

– Apricity: 
– Ashling Park:
– Austin, Texas:
– Fishbourne Roman Palace:
– Henry VIII’s Wine Cellar:
– Plaquemine Lock:
– Xtreme Hummer Adventures:

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