Chicken Royalty: Looking back on the Buffalo Wing Festival with the founder, Drew “The Wing King” Cerza | Spread It, Dip It, Wing It

Welcome to All Consumed, a podcast about food, drink and travel hosted by Neil Davey and Chris Osburn.

As you all know by now, Neil and Chris took flight to Buffalo, New York to visit the annual National Buffalo Wing Festival for a miniseries of Spread It, Dip It, Wing It episodes all about the world’s most famous hot wing.

You’ve heard of the Chicken Royale, right? Then let us introduce you to chicken royalty as, for the final post on this remarkable event, Neil caught up with the man without whom there would literally be no Buffalo Wing Festival, Drew “The Wing King” Cerza. And we’ll probably add a “Coronation Chicken” joke here just as soon as we think of one…

Listen now to the fifth episode in Spread It, Dip It, Wing It series:

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